Rising River Inc. has all the essential equipment for getting the job done, safely and correctly.


Including:  drills, mud systems, frac tanks, tankers, and hydro-vacs.  As well as semi tractors and trailers to transport them.


Rising River Inc. also has a variety of tooling to ensure success in different types of ground conditions.


Uses: Horizontal Directional Drilling is the new preferred method of installing underground steel pipe, HDPE pipe, and plastic conduit, with minimal disturbance to the environment.

Starting above ground, an arching bore path is calculated, which goes under obstacles such as rivers and high ways, then exits above ground on the other side.

The ability to steer the drill bit underground along this pre-determined bore path is one of the keys to success.


We have a selection of HDD drill rigs, ranging from 20,000 lbs. to 440,000 lbs. of pull back force.




Uses: Rising River Inc. has various sizes of excavators and rubber tire backhoes needed for any particular job.

Excavators are used to dig mud pits, prepare solids control areas, loading and unloading drill stem, as well as suspending large sizes of product (steel pipe, etc.) in cradles for pulling pipe through the ground.





Uses: Rising River Inc. has several different mud systems or mud recyclers.  Drilling fluid (or mud) is made up primarily of bentonite, which is basically clay processed down to a fine powder.  Mixed with water, this "mud" is used when drilling to suspend solids within the bore hole and push them out.  These "returns" are then sent through the mud system "recycler" to filter out solids such as gravel, sand, and silt so that the remaining fluid is usable to send down hole again using large capacity pumps and high pressure hoses.  The leftover solids are then properly disposed of in accordance to environmental standards.


Mud Systems


Uses: Rising River Inc. has the ability to supply and support  itself with plenty of water with the presents of Frac tanks and water tankers.

These tankers, as well as hydro-vacs, can be used to control the continuous disposal of drilling fluid and the solids carried within that fluid (mud.)  This is accomplished by powerful pumps capable of great suction that literally vacuum up excess mud for proper disposal.

Rising River Inc. also use hydro-vacs to expose or "daylight" underground utilities, to be aware of their exact location, preventing any underground utility strikes.  This is accomplished with a high pressure water lance and a suction hose to remove spoils from the pot hole.

Water and Drilling Fluid Support


Uses: Rising River Inc. has a growing fleet of semi trucks and trailers capable of transporting all of the equipment necessary

for the job, including a lowboy trailer needed to haul over width and over weight equipment.


Rising River Inc. employs capable and safe CDL drivers to haul all equipment.


Semi Tractors and Trailers

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